Seal & Wax

Providing you play in a setting where sealing wax is appropriate, this adds a really nice touch to the letters. Today sealing wax comes in many different forms, both in design, colour and texture. Some are softer like rubber to allow for safer travel through the world of the postal service. Others are harder and very satisfying to break when opening the letter. A good tip when choosing a wax is to give it a test run first and send a sealed letter to a friend, or to yourself. Some waxes show up pulverised by the end of the journey, covering the entire letter in fine dust, which is a bummer to say the least. If you’d like to decrease the likelihood of this happening you could put your sealed letter in a standard off-game envelope for posting.

Metallic buttons or the end of a spoon handle can sometimes be used instad of a seal to create a nice pattern in the wax. Some surfaces tend to get stuck in the melted wax though, and to prevent this you should breathe on the surface of your seal just before pressing it down on the wax. The thin layer of condensation caused by your breath serves as a barrier to lower the risk of the seal getting stuck.

When it comes to melting the wax there are different methods as well. The most basic method is to simply hold our wax stick close to a candle and let it melt, but this does require some technique since it’s easy to drip wax all over the letter. An alternative to this is to use a spoon. Either you can buy an actual wax spoon, or get a regular one from a thrift shop to dedicate to the task. You will most likely never get the wax of the spoon again, so don’t use a spoon you care too much about. If the spoon is entirely made of metal it is also advisable to use a larger spoon rather than a teaspoon, lest you burn yourself on the hot handle. To use a spoon you also need to have wax in small pieces rather than a stick. Some waxes are sold in pieces already, but if yours is not you can simply wrap your wax stick in some fabric or a plastic bag and smash it with a hammer to get smaller pieces suitable for the spoon. An other tip for using a spoon is to create some kind of construction to rest the spoon on over the candle so you don’t have to hold it yourself.