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This is an international version of the Swedish site brevlajvsportlen [the letter larp portal]. In Sweden this concept has been around for over a decade, and a variety of larps have been organised. When searching the internet for any information about the concept in English we fell short, and thus the idea for this site was created. The purpose is to introduce the concept of letter larping to people who have not yet heard of it, and to aid future organisers and players who want to dive into this amazing larp form.

Letter larping is, in short terms, just what the name implies: larping done via letters. This means playing for an extended period of time, and it provides a lot of freedom that is difficult to find in traditional larps. Much like in tabletop roleplaying the characters are not restricted by the players’ abilities, looks, genders, ages, etc. Furthermore it is easily accessible for anyone who might otherwise have a difficulty attending traditional larps because of children, disabilities, mental illness etc. It also happens to be a wonderful way of brightening up otherwise dull periods, such as the dark winter, or simply to bring some spice and amusement to everyday life. The wonderful feeling of opening your mail box to find beautiful handwritten letters is something we think more people should have the opportunity to experience.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash