Finished larps

Post Scriptum (2008-2009) was, to our knowledge, the first letter larp in Sweden. We have not been able to find any information about who organised it, and thus cannot give them the credit they deserve. The setting was 18th century France, among the nobility.

Poste Restante (2011-2014) followed a few years later and was a campaign with a total of five larps, divided into three longer winter larps and two shorter summer larps. The setting was inspired by steampunk and mainly focused on victorian England in the 1860s-70s.

1914/1915 (2014-2015) A campaign set during the first world war, focused on the people in the trenches and the people left at home.

Det stora oväsendet [The Great Uproar, 2016] was a historical larp set in the Harry Potter universe, in the 17th century, and told the story of how real magicians handled Sweden’s witch trials.

Eder Tillgivna [Kind regards, 2016-2017] was a small adventure set in a Jane Austen-inspired fiction.

Seklets Skymning [The Dawn of the Century, 2018-2019] was centered around London at the turn of the century, with inspirations from darker stories such as Frankenstein, Penny Dreadful, etc.

Yours Sincerely [1 June 2019- 30 August 2019] is an international re-run of the Swedish larp Eder Tillgivna. It is set in regency England, and is inspired by Jane Austen’s books.

Incendio (1 October 2019- 1 March 2020) was a Swedish larp set in the world of Harry Potter, in the year 1924.

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash